Jook Lum Gee Tong Long Pai (Bamboo Temple Praying Mantis Kung Fu)
Lineage and Family Tree Under Grandmaster Lam Sang (also known as Lam Wing Fay and nicknamed "Monkey Sang") of NYC, USA



The Abbot Som Dot founded this lineage of Jook Lum Gee Tong Long Pai. In the late 1800's, Abbot Lee Shiem See carried this system of Kung Fu to South China where he taught many of the Hakka people. In the Wai Yung province, Lee Shiem See took in a student named Cheung Yel Chung, and returned with him to the Temple for training.

In the early 1900's Cheung Yel Chung returned to his native land and opened a Dit Da medicine - Kung Fu Kwoon, and called it "Kwongsai Jook Lum Gee Tong Long Pai." This is the first time that name was presented to the public, it would later be commonly referred to as Hakka Kuen or Nom Tong Long (Southern Praying Mantis).

Lam Sang (commonly known as "Monkey Sang")
In the 1920's the old Abbot Lee Shiem See would travel from the north to the south to visit his student Cheung Yel Chung. At the time Cheung Yel Chung had a student named Lam Sang who was originally a native of Bo On county, Ping Shan village, Guangdong providence. The old Abbot Lee Shiem See took a liking to the young Lam Sang and decided to take him in as a closed door student to be trained at the Temple.

During the 1930's with the start of the Chinese-Japanese war, the old Abbot Lee Shiem See and his student Lam Sang returned to Honk Kong to be reunited with Chung Yel Chung. While in Hong Kong the old Abbot Lee Shiem See instructed Lam Sang to open his branch Kwoon and Dit Da medicine clinic of Kwongsai Jook Lum Gee Tong Long Pai in Kai Chong, Kowloon.

When the Japanese occupied Hong Kong in WWII and because of circumstances involving Cheung Yel Chung, the old Abbot Lee Shiem See with Sifu Lam Sang would flee to Macao where he would later order his student Sifu Lam Sang to flee from the war-torn region.

At the age of 28 Sifu Lam Sang nicknamed "monkey sang" for his trademark Kung Fu, would begin establishing Kung Fu - Dit Da medicine kwoons in Malaysia, Thailand, India, England, and later Taiwan. While residing in Liverpool England in the early 1940's, Sifu Lam Sang would have the misfortune of having to flee to a ship during the German bombing of England; the ship was also bombed. After spending a couple days afloat in the water Sifu Lam Sang was to be rescued by a US Naval ship. Sifu Lam Sang's service aboard the ship prompted the commander of the vessel to recommend that Sifu Lam Sang be recognized for US citizenship upon returning to a Virginia Naval yard for repairs.

Later in the 1940's, Sifu Lam Sang was invited to teach his Kung Fu and practice Dit Da medicine for the Chinese community in New York City's Chinatown at Seung Jing Hui, Hip Sing Tong, and later in the 1960's Hung Ching. With his work there and due to circumstances surrounding Cheung Yel Chung, Sifu Lam Sang would never set foot in Hong Kong, or mainland China again, until his death in November of 1991.

In his lifetime, Grandmaster Lam Sang has been well known for his expertise in Moh, Yei, and Sun disciplines. In North America, particularly in the New York area in the 1950's and 60's, almost everyone in the martial arts community knew or have heard about Grandmaster Lam Sang. Grandmaster Lam Sang's martial arts and metaphysical abilities are still being circulated today. The fact that the Southern Praying Mantis lineage is so successful nowadays is mainly due to Grandmaster Lam Sang's contributions.

Grandmaster Lam Sang see was the man who spread the system of Kwongsai Jook Lum Gee Tong Long Pai Kung Fu all over the world, and taught many, many students during his lifetime. Presently teaching openly from Grandmaster Lam Sang's New York branch lineage of Kung Fu, Sifu Henry Poo Yee and Sifu Gin Foon Mark continue to carry on to teach and promote the system of Jook Lum Gee Tong Long Pai Kung Fu to the public. Following in Grandmaster Lam Sang's footsteps, Sifu Henry Poo Yee currently promotes this system of Kung Fu with branch schools all over the world including the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

With the sacrifice and dedication of Grandmaster Lam Sang's devotion to the system of Kwangsai Jook Lum Gee Tong Long Pai , the system has flourished and this once secretive Hakka art is now well known and recognized all around the world. With Grandmaster Lam Sang's blessing, this system of Kung Fu will continue to flourish and expand for generations to come.

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