The System


This style of kung fu requires that the following must be mastered:

  • Footwork and stances "Mar Bo" ( )
  • Body posture "Sun Yen" ( )
  • Hand forms; techniques of Sao Fat, Kuen Fat, Yin Yang/Yeul Gon (breathing and Fat Gaing)
  • Soft and Hard Chi Kung

The first form, "Som Bo Fun Nan Choi," ( also known as Som Gaing Fun Nan Choi) this is the middle part of the Nung Chi Kung training which leads to the release of Jook Lum Som Gaing (Guen, Han, Don)

The second form is called "Som Bo Gin" ( ). This form is the seed for the training and conditioning for the mobility of infighting theories within the system of Mar Bo, Sun Yang, Lok Gaing, But Fat. This procedure of training will lead to the more advanced infighting forms of Ng Dim Sop But Bin

The third form is called Ng Dim Sop But Bin, which is the five: pressure point hitting system is part of the system of Sop But Dim Kuen (currently only taught to Grandmaster Henry Poo Yee's "Enter the Gate" students)

The fourth form is called Shiem Kuen Tuo Lo (complete Sop But Dim hitting system, with the combining of Sop But Bin Yul Sao Fat).

Infighting training concepts and its theories are part of the advanced curriculum. First it involves learning the forms and techniques and then applying them with a training partner in two-man sets such as " " (Dui Jong) and the infighting conditioning sets of "Mor Kiu" ( ) for final application in free-sparring. These forms and techniques involve the system's "Shiem Kuen Tuo Lo" ( ). In total there are six of these punches or forms. Offensively, there is "Shiem Kuen Sup Bat Dim" ( ) (eighteen-point striking system) while defensively, there is "Sup Bat Bin" ( ) (eighteen changing / borrowing hand techniques).

For the more advanced students, there is the high-level, internal breathing exercise called "Jook Lum Gee Tong Long Pai Mui Far Fut Sao Ting Sing Kung". Furthermore for Grandmaster Yee's "Enter the Gate" students, there is Say Moon Lok Hop Sao, and combined with the Ting Sing Kung will lead Grandmaster Yee's disciples to the advanced long form called "Shiem Kuen 108" ( 108).

Grandmaster Yee's 2005 CKFA curriculum comprises the following:

Core Forms

  • Som Bo Fun Non Choi ()
  • Som Bo Gin ( )
  • Som Gaing Jeet Kui ( )
  • Ng Dim Sop But Bin ( )
  • Shiem Kuen Sop But Dim ( )
  • Shiem Kuen 108 ( )

Advanced two man infighting concepts

  • Ship Mor (Mui San)
  • Sop But Bin Mor Kiu
  • Kuen Lo Dui Jong
  • Shiem Kuen Dui Jung

Traditional Weaponry

  • Dan Do
  • Staff
  • Dai Pa
  • Staff vs. Staff
  • Staff vs. Wooden Bench

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